Smooth Ambler to release Big Level Wheated Bourbon

Pernod Ricard-owned Smooth Ambler Spirits is preparing to launch Big Level Wheated Bourbon, made from a mash bill of corn, wheat and malted barley.

Bottled at 100 proof, Big Level Wheated Bourbon is 100% made in West Virginia and named after the region that is home to the distillery. It has been aged in 53 gallon barrels and is said to benefit from the Appalachian Mountains and their “perfect cadence of seasons”. The new expression will be available across the US over the coming month. After completing its distillery expansion last winter, Smooth Ambler is poised to produce 3,000 barrels of whiskey in 2018. "Much of what we've done at Smooth Ambler has been leading up to this moment," said head distiller and CEO John Little. "The release of Big Level signifies the beginning of our long-term ability to offer a third, important category of whiskeys to us: those which are 100% made here in West Virginia. “We're excited for this whiskey to complement the merchant bottled and "married" (merchant and homemade blended together) families already embraced by our business." Founded in 2009, Smooth Ambler’s product portfolio includes Contradiction Bourbon and Old Scout Single Barrel Bourbon, alongside gins and vodkas. Pernod Ricard’s US investment arm completed the acquisition of a majority stake in the American spirits producer in February last year.