Penderyn debuts new whisky and gins

Welsh distillery Penderyn has unveiled a new whisky as part of its Icons of Wales series, along with three flavoured gins.

The new whisky, called Rhiannon, is the seventh expression in Penderyn’s Icons of Wales Series The 46% abv whisky is named after horse goddess Rhiannon from Welsh mythology. Rhiannon in Welsh means ‘Great Queen’ or ‘Divine Queen’. The character is a major figure in the Mabinogi, a medieval Welsh story collection from the 11th century. The Rhiannon whisky is described as having “spicy sweetness with a hint of vanilla” on the nose while the palate has notes of "creamy caramel, figs, red berries, delicate frangipane, chocolate ganache and a touch of coffee”. Launching next month and currently available for pre-order, Rhiannon is priced at £53 (US$64.20) per 700ml bottle. Penderyn has also unveiled three new flavoured gins under its Brecon Gin brand. The expressions comprise: Rhubarb & Cranberry, Rose Petal and Chocolate Orange. Each gin is made using a base of Brecon Special Reserve Gin and bottled at 37.5% abv. Brecon Rhubarb & Cranberry is said to have a “burst of tangy rhubarb” blended with “bittersweet cranberry”. Rose Petal is described as “rose petal and strawberries married with tart fresh raspberries and juniper”. Meanwhile, the Chocolate Orange gin is described as having notes of “powdery cocoa and silky vanilla “ with “zesty, sweet orange bursts”. “These flavoured and coloured gins have been created with balance and creativity and will hopefully create more interest for our regular Brecon Gin customers, and bring new drinkers to the brand and the category,” said distiller Laura Davies. Also available for pre-order, the new gins are priced at £28 (US$33.90) each per 700ml.