Jack Daniel’s debuts cask-strength whiskey

Jack Daniel’s has extended its Single Barrel Collection with the launch of a cask-strength expression bottled at 64.5% abv.

Single Barrel Barrel Strength has been “created in response to the growth of the American whiskey category”. Bottled at 129 proof by Jack Daniel’s master distiller, Jeff Arnett,the expression is said to reflect the flavour created by handmade, toasted and charred, American white oak barrels. Created in the upper floor of the barrelhouse, the product is an 80% corn, 12% malt and 8% rye grain bill. Single Barrel Barrel Strength is describes as “aromatic and surprisingly smooth”, with notes of “sweet brown sugar that give way to rich toasted oak and hints of dark spice”. The expression is best served neat or with a few cubes of ice. The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel range is crafted from one specially-selected barrel at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. The extremes in temperature within the barrelhouse across the seasons is said to create the bold and robust flavours of the whiskey inside. Each individual bottle is hand-labelled and marked with a unique rick number and bottling date. Single Barrel Barrel Strength is available from The Jack Store in limited quantities.