Firebox unveils Dragon Tears Whisky

British online retailer Firebox has extended its Mythical Tears range with the launch of a whisky-based spirit containing the “shimmering tears of a dragon".

Dragon Tears Whisky combines a “rich cinnamon flavour” with a “smoky" blended Scotch whisky. Like the rest of the Mythical Tears range, the bottling is said to contain tears from a magical creature. The expression is described as having a “golden shimmer” when shaken and is made of “100% real dragon tears”. It is recommended served either neat, with coke or with sweet vermouth and bitters to create a Manhattan. Firebox’s Mythical Tears range also includes Phoenix Tears Spiced RumMermaid Tears Vodka and the recently launched Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur. Dragon Tears Whisky is exclusively available from Firebox for £39.99 (US$52). The managing director of online retailer Firebox recently spoke to SB about his company’s alternative approach to spirits.