Distillery unveils Scotland’s ‘first’ field-to-glass eau de vie

A new microdistillery in Fife has launched what is thought to be Scotland’s first field-to-glass eau de vie, made using locally sourced fruit and grain.

Launched by Tayport-based Tay Spirits, Never 25 is milled, mashed, fermented and triple-distilled in Fife, before fruit is added and macerated into the spirit. According to the company, the process retains as much of the natural fruit flavours as possible. In each run, over 50kgs of fresh fruit are introduced to our base spirit to soak and slowly extract the fruit juices. Available in raspberry, strawberry, and apple flavours, the 42% abv expression then goes through a fourth distillation to “enhance” flavour. Tay Spirits was founded by former nurse Kecia McDougall, who invested £120,000 to start the distillery, importing a 500-litre still from the Netherlands that has the capacity to produce up to 1000 bottles per month. “Because the gin market is now maturing, I wanted to make something different. With such high quality grain and world renowned fruit on my doorstep eau de vie seemed the natural fit,” said McDougall. “The drink is 100% Scottish using wheat from Fife, fruit from Fife and Tayside, and Scottish barley. Seven steps are followed to create the unique spirit from scratch on Scottish soil, with the fruit added twice to give Never 25’s signature flavour. "Eau de vie is already a huge hit in American cocktail bars and that trend will distil across the Atlantic and, as the only producer of eau de vie in Scotland, Never 25 will be perfectly placed to fulfil demand." Never 25 is available to pre-order for £34 online at www.never25.com.