De Kuyper redesigns Peachtree liqueur

Dutch drinks group De Kuyper has updated the packaging for its Peachtree liqueur with a “summery and cheerful” design.

Bottled at 20% abv, the peach liqueur is described as having a “well-rounded peach taste and lingering aftertaste”. Peachtree has been given a “contemporary and cheerful” redesign with white and orange colouring and “distinct” branding. According to consumer research in the brand’s biggest markets, these attributes scored highly when linked to Peachtree. The design also features images of peaches on the long neck, as well as a shiny golden closure. According to De Kuyper, Peachtree is the best-selling peach liqueur worldwide. The brand's biggest market is Japan. The expression is recommended mixed with vodka, orange, and cranberry juice to create a Sex on the Beach or with lime juice and sparkling water to create a Fizzy Peachtree. In October last year, De Kuyper acquired the Cherry Heering Liqueur and Heering Coffee Liqueur brands for an undisclosed sum, partly due to the former’s use in the Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand cocktails. The firm also released a new coffee liqueur brand, called Bébo, in November 2017.